1Plan Clerk1

Job Requirements:


1.Requires Female, married and educated,

2.More than 2 years relevant work experience,

3.Familiar with office software


2Mold Workers3

Job Requirements:


1.Male,under 50 years old,

2.More than 3 years experience in die-casting mold factory,

3.Can open the mold independently.


3Business Assistant2

Job Requirements:


1.Female, College degree or above;

2.Familiar with the documentary process;

3.Slightly understand English;

4.Honest and steady, responsible.


4Quality Engineer,Project Engineer 2

Job Requirements:


1.Require Male, more than 5 years of quality management experience in auto parts related industries;

2.Understand 16949 system, die castings and related products;

3.Familiar with quality management system and practical application.


5Financial Clerk1

Job Requirements:


1.Female,familiar with office software;

2.Requires who is sensitive to numbers;

3.8 hours of double weekends;


6Assembler Workers3

Job Requirements:


1.Female, under 45 years old;

2.Work diligently;

3.Can work overtime, work overtime have overtime pay.


7Miscellaneous Workers1

Job Requirements:


1.Male, under 50 years old;

2.Able to work hard and work overtime;


8Burr Workers3

Job Requirements:


1.Piece-rate wages;

2.More than 2 years of burr-related work experience.


9Die casting workers2

Job Requirements:


1.12 hour shift;

2.piece rate.


10Warehouse management2

Job Requirements:


1.Familiar with office software, more than 1 year of relevant working experience;

2.familiar with warehouse process


11Full inspectorsMany

Job Requirements:


1.More than 1 year of experience in appearance inspection of die-casting


* If you are interested, please feel free to send your resume to [email protected], or call 0574-86132198 or 13736138184 (Manager Du), thank you!