2 minutes to let you understand the blackening reason of aluminium alloy die castings


Aluminum die-casting industry is developing slowly nowa […]

Aluminum die-casting industry is developing slowly nowadays. Aluminum alloy die-casting is widely used. Aluminum alloy casting is usually forged by metal materials. Aluminum alloy profiles of metal materials have excellent circulation and ductility. But in the production of aluminium alloy die castings, there will be blackening. What is the reason? You can analyze the blackening of the castings by aluminium-bao-aluminium die casting.

1. The technology is not scientific.

The negligence of aluminium alloy die castings after cleaning or pressing inspection has created a standard for the long mouldy blackening of castings and accelerated the transformation of moulding.

2. Logistics warehousing management is not timely.

Storage of aluminium alloy die castings in warehouses with different aspect ratios will result in different moulds.

3. Internal elements of aluminium alloy profiles.

Many die-casting factories do not do any cleaning or simple tap water cleaning after the process of aluminium die-casting and mechanical processing, which can not guarantee the complete cleaning. There are corrosive chemicals such as defilm agent, cutting oil, saponification liquid and other dirt on the surface of die-casting aluminium, which accelerates the long mildew point transformation of aluminium alloy die-casting parts. Black rate.

4. Environmental factors of aluminium alloy profiles.

Aluminum is a bright metal material. It is easy to oxidize and blacken the air or grow mildew under the necessary temperature and environmental humidity standards. It is the characteristic decision-making of aluminium itself.

5. The use of detergents is not appropriate.

The detergent used has strong corrosion, which leads to air oxidation of die-casting aluminium.

At the time when many die-casting factories were making aluminium alloy die-castings, many key points were neglected, which resulted in the blackening of aluminium alloy die-castings. Only good storage standards can be created. Cleaning up the problems of drying and blackening in time can be handled very well.