Device Die-casting machines can be divided into two typ […]

Die-casting machines can be divided into two types: hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines. The difference lies in how much force they can withstand. Typical pressure ranges from 400 to 4,000 tons.
Hot chamber die casting
Hot chamber die casting, sometimes referred to as gooseneck die casting, is a molten, liquid, semi-liquid metal in a metal pool that fills the mold under pressure. At the beginning of the cycle, the piston of the machine is in a contracted state, at which point the molten metal can fill the neck of the goose. The air pressure or hydraulic piston squeezes the metal and fills it into the mold. The advantages of this system include a fast cycle (approximately 15 cycles per minute), easy automation, and the ability to melt metal. Disadvantages include the inability to die-cast a metal with a higher melting point, as well as the die-casting of aluminum, since aluminum will carry the iron out of the molten pool. Thus, in general, hot chamber die casting machines are used for alloys of zinc, tin, and lead. Moreover, hot chamber die casting is difficult to use for die casting large castings, which are usually die cast small castings.
Cold chamber die casting
Cold die-casting can be used when die-casting metal that cannot be used in the hot chamber die casting process, including aluminum, magnesium, copper, and zinc alloys with a high aluminum content. In this process, the metal needs to be melted first in a separate crucible [2]. A certain amount of molten metal is then transferred to an unheated injection chamber or injection nozzle. These metals are injected into the mold by hydraulic or mechanical pressure. Due to the need to transfer molten metal into the cold chamber, the biggest disadvantage of this process is the long cycle time. Cold chamber die casting machines are also available in vertical and horizontal types. Vertical die casting machines are usually small machines, while horizontal die casting machines are available in various models.