Home appliance mold processing introduction


 Home appliance mold processing is a wide-ranging, tech […]

 Home appliance mold processing is a wide-ranging, technical and practical industry. The use of various accessories and color materials in the production process of home appliance molds has brought a lot of work to the management of injection molding workshops. For a certain degree of difficulty, let's talk about the introduction of home appliance mold processing.

Home appliance mold processing requires 24 hours of continuous operation, generally two or three shifts. There are many jobs in the injection molding workshop, and the division of labor is complicated. The skill requirements for different positions are also different.

If you want the production operation of the injection workshop to be smooth, you need to manage the personnel, materials, equipment, tools, etc. involved in each link and each position, including: raw material room, broken material room, batching room, production site, post-processing Operation and coordination management of districts, tool rooms, semi-finished areas, offices and other areas.
 When performing home appliance mold processing, the operator must maintain a correct posture and have sufficient spirit to cope with the work. If you find physical discomfort, for personal safety, you must leave the job immediately and report to the supervisor of the workshop or a higher level leader.

Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before mechanical work, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine for 1-3 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to operate when the machine is faulty.

Moreover, sufficient pressurization specific pressure is required to meet the requirements. For complex shapes, the filling specific pressure should be higher. In addition, such as the type of alloy, the size of the gate, the power of the mold clamping machine and the mold Intensity, etc., should be given due consideration.