How is die-cast aluminum not suitable for anodizing?


How is die-cast aluminum not suitable for anodizing? Th […]

How is die-cast aluminum not suitable for anodizing? This is determined by the composition of the die-cast aluminum and the characteristics of the anode treatment.
 It is said that the anode treatment of aluminum is the whole process of this oxidation of air. In the whole process, the surface layer of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles is generally converted into a layer of air oxide film, which is defensive and decorative. And some of its other features. The anode treatment of aluminum from this definition includes only the entire process of converting into an anode treated film.
    First of all, the anode treatment must be crystallized on the surface of the aluminum, and the aluminum profile is relatively pure, since the anodized film must ensure a uniform leveling. Excessive residue and other ingredients will definitely damage the thickness of the emulsion that needs to be broken during the anodizing process, and even immediately damage the emulsion. The most important thing is that other metal design elements will change the color tone of the film immediately when the anodized film is converted. This will immediately kill the dye after the anodizing treatment.
    Aluminum alloy casting and castings usually have a high silicon water content. Even if ht412 die-cast aluminum special type ash remover is applied, the anodized film will be dark brown, and it is impossible to obtain an air oxide film without color transparency. With the increase of silicon water content, the color tone of the anodized film is from light gray to dark gray to grayish black. Therefore, aluminum alloy casting is not suitable for conventional anode treatment.
    But die-cast aluminum is also an anode treatment solution. Casting parts can be forged parts, the construction of the parts/CNC parts can not be guaranteed, the angle of the water angle, the quality of the air oxidation, the center of gravity is very important in the quality of the castings, a fine transformation, key points of the processing technology support decision The quality of anodizing. The manufacturer of the air oxidation of the casting parts must scientifically control the over-flow technology, the die-casting process and the post-production processing method of the abrasive tools. It has a strict control process to ensure the perfect quality of the air oxidation quality. . These include: the design of the abrasive passage, the design of the rubber mouth, the operation of the mold temperature; the application of raw materials, usually can use ht412 die-cast aluminum special type of ash remover to remove the surface ash and prevent environmental pollution.