How to do home appliance molds to reduce maintenance


In the various household appliances in our daily life, […]

In the various household appliances in our daily life, you can see the figure of the home appliance mold. At this time, there are friends who have not seen it. In fact, the smooth and smooth surface of the home appliances we see is the home appliance mold. One, but for these home appliances molds we need to repair, why should we repair, of course, the mold damage, then what can be the home appliance mold repair? Next, give you the general education home appliance mold how to do to reduce maintenance.

With the improvement of the design and processing level of home appliance mold enterprises, the manufacture of home appliance molds has changed from relying on artificial skills to relying on technology in the past. This is not only a change in production means, but also a change in production methods and an increase in ideas.

This trend has made the standardization of home appliance molds continue to improve, the accuracy of home appliance molds is getting higher and higher, the production cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the proportion of fitters is getting lower and lower, which finally promotes the overall improvement of the home appliance mold industry, but at the same time, the home appliance molds The damage repair rate has also risen linearly, but it can be remedied mainly, as long as our method is correct, the probability of repair can be reduced.

 Ways to reduce home appliance mold repair:

1. The appliance does not hurt the home appliance mold, and the low-voltage protection setting, mold clamping speed, clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, and mold temperature are also incorrect. It will damage the home appliance mold. Therefore, these are all we need. Things to watch out for.

2, production control is similar to the hot runner plug in the table and some of the tools in the production of damage to home appliances molds should be avoided.

3, the problem in the tire to avoid, the design and manufacturing process of home appliances mold is pregnant, this time can not have problems, otherwise maintenance can not be avoided, such as the design of seven major systems of home appliances.

4, home appliance mold maintenance, usually in the production of the first-level secondary maintenance and mold repair department of the three-level maintenance to be solid in place, what brushed dust trousers to avoid some of the necessary conditions.

As long as these points can be achieved, the repair rate of home appliance molds will be greatly reduced.