How to know the quality of hardware fittings for doors and windows?


Hardware fittings for doors and windows are an importan […]

Hardware fittings for doors and windows are an important part. Strictly speaking, the development of hardware for doors and windows and the evolution of doors and windows are complementary. Although they are distributed in every corner of doors and windows, hardware fittings are the heart of doors and windows, and their role is still important.

How to know the quality of hardware fittings for doors and windows?

1. Choose brands with good reputation, such as: good doors and windows, hundreds of stores. Hardware parts of large brand doors and windows are almost all cold rolled steel stamped at one time, which feel thick and smooth, wear-resisting and load-bearing capacity is super strong; moreover, the hardware fittings of broken bridge aluminum windows are HOPPE Haobo handlers imported from Germany and Reynas lock box, Paige gear type wear-resisting and load-bearing hinges from Germany; now, German Haobo and Norto are used for the hardware fittings of broken bridge aluminum windows. No one in China knows about the door and window handles. These handles are solid handles with a service life of at least 10 years.

2. Choose closure blades, slides and locks with good sealing performance. When choosing and purchasing, open and close doors and windows several times, feeling its flexibility and convenience. Not only that, the sealant and sealant strip matched with the door and window structure will also play a sealing role in each required position.

3. Choose locks with good flexibility. When choosing and purchasing, use the key to insert several times to see if the switch works smoothly or not. It should be noted that the control of lock point expansion and closure is the lock core, and the lock core is always only one, once opened, all lock points will be activated. Generally speaking, doors and windows need to be equipped with a lock point from top to bottom.

4. Choose hardware decorations with good appearance and performance. Check the appearance of defects, plating gloss, feel smooth and so on when purchasing.

(1) Parts indicators: design requirements, model specifications must conform to national standards, with inspection certificates

(2) Door lock: It should be a double-sided safety lock.

(3) Pulley: Choose rigid nylon wheel with smooth mute.

(4) Ground spring: stainless steel or copper

(5) Pulley frame, usually stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel products

(6) Handles: Made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy or copper

According to the characteristics and appearance of these accessories to judge the choice, in addition, you can choose more quality assurance brand accessories, with warranty period, package replacement. Good hardware fittings for doors and windows can be seen from the comparison of appearance or texture.