Improve methods


Hole in the parting surface: Cause: It may be a shrink […]

Hole in the parting surface:
Cause: It may be a shrink hole or a blow hole
Improve methods:
1. If it is a shrinkage hole, reduce the gate thickness or the thickness of the overflow well inlet
2. Cooling gate
3. If it is a vent, pay attention to the problem of exhaust or gas
10). Burr:
the reason:
1. Insufficient clamping force
2. Poor mold clamping
3. Insufficient mold strength
4. Melting temperature is too high
11). Concavity:
Cause: The shrinkage hole occurs under the surface of the presser
Improve methods:
1. Same method for improving shrinkage
2. Local cooling
3. Heat the other side
12). Carbon deposit:
Cause: Release agent or other impurities are attached to the mold.
Improve methods:
1. Reduce the amount of release agent sprayed
2. Elevated mold temperature
3. Choose the right release agent
4. Dilute the release agent with soft water
13). bubble:
Cause: The gas is rolled under the surface of the casting
way of improvement:
1. Reduce gas volume (same pores)
2. Cooling or low mold temperature
14). Sticky mold:
the reason:
1. Zinc is deposited on the mold surface
2. Melt melts the mold, causing damage to the mold surface
Improve methods:
1. Reduce mold temperature
2. Reduce the roughness of the surface
3. Increase draft angle
4. Coating
5. Change fill mode
6. Reduce gate speed 

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