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Industrial Development The new alloy die-casting mold p […]

Industrial Development
The new alloy die-casting mold products are selling well in China, but this phenomenon does not mean that sales are good all over the world. The demand in foreign markets is often different from that in China. According to relevant experts, there are three main reasons for restricting the export of die-casting molds in China. First, domestic die-casting molds still have many shortcomings in the use of raw materials. Second, the backwardness of technology is also one of the obstacles to the development of die-casting mold industry in China; Third, the supporting system of China's die-casting mold industry is not perfect. These are the bottlenecks restricting the development of China's die-casting mold industry. China's die-casting mold industry has only broken through these bottlenecks, and its market share in the international market will be greatly improved.
Die casting and mold are both different and related. The birth of die casting mold industry is the perfect combination of the two. In other words, die casting, mold and die casting mold are three different industries, and their relationship mainly exists in several ways. : Die-casting, mold integration, molds all made by themselves, and rarely do molds for other companies; professional die-casting mold manufacturing, no die-casting; only die-casting, no mold manufacturing capabilities. With the intensification of industrial division of labor, the gradual blurring of industrial boundaries and the development of industrial cross-cutting, the three industries should strengthen their ties, learn from each other, integrate the three industries, and exist in the form of "integration". The die-casting mold industry will usher in more and more development opportunities and space.

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