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Industry Status
Domestic die casting mold status
China's die-casting mold industry is developing rapidly, and the total output growth is obvious. The total output of domestic die-casting molds is second only to the United States, and has already become the second largest in the world. This kind of achievement is mainly due to China's unique market and relatively low resources and labor advantages. It has a very obvious cost performance in the international die casting trade market, and it is very important in the future. The development prospects of the industry are very broad.
Although China's die-casting molds have made major breakthroughs during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. However, its international popularity is still behind, and production is rising, but most die-casting molds are only for domestic demand. Due to technical constraints, the quality is difficult to break through. At the same time, some large-scale domestic demanding enterprises also frequently extend olive branches to foreign die-casting mold enterprises. The serious trade deficit makes domestic die-casting enterprises difficult.
International Die Casting Mold Status
In the increasingly fierce competition in the international die-casting mold market, the Japanese die-casting mold industry is also working hard to reduce production costs. In terms of market size, the Japanese recession is most evident regardless of output value or domestic demand. Japanese mold makers pay more attention to the polishing and grinding process in terms of technology. German mold manufacturers start by improving the precision and efficiency of machining and electrical discharge machining to reduce the time of manual processing. Japan's die-casting mold industry is gradually shifting molds with low technical content to areas with low labor costs, producing only high-tech products in Japan, and Japan's tendency to shift to foreign countries, which makes Japan's domestic die-casting molds use. cut back.
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of Die Casting Mould Industry in China
The main reasons restricting the development of China's die-casting mold industry are as follows: First, domestic die-casting molds still have many shortcomings in the use of raw materials; second, the backwardness of technology is a great obstacle to the development of China's die-casting mold industry; Third, the supporting system of China's die-casting mold industry is not perfect.