The car is first driven into the maintenance parking space


    When the engine is lubricated, it must be filtered […]

    When the engine is lubricated, it must be filtered by the oil filter before reaching the lubrication part, because the oil containing more mechanical impurities will cause abnormal wear of the components that move the engine to each other. In severe cases, in the oil A large amount of various impurities are not filtered or even block the oil passage, resulting in mechanical failure. Therefore, the performance of the oil filter directly affects the effect of the oil on the engine lubrication.

    Every time we change the oil, we must replace the quality-qualified full-flow oil filter - the paper filter. When the paper filter element is used for a long time, its filtration efficiency will decrease, and the oil pressure passing through the filter will be greatly reduced. Although the oil pressure is reduced to a certain extent, the filter bypass valve will open, and the oil will enter the oil passage through the bypass to prevent the oil pressure from being insufficient. However, the oil entering the oil passage is not filtered, which will cause pollutants to enter the oil passage. In the middle, increase the wear of the parts.

    Timely replacement of a good quality oil filter, impurities and contaminated particles in the oil will be filtered through the filter. In this way, the oil entering the oil passage is very clean and can effectively prevent the abrasive wear caused by the particulate matter on the engine parts.

    In addition, if only the new oil is replaced without replacing the oil filter, the old oil in the old filter and about 1/4 of the pollutants will re-enter the oil circulation, which not only increases the chance of wear, but also reduces the chance of wear. The performance of the new engine oil.

    Finally, remind the owner, if you do not change the oil regularly or replace the counterfeit oil, then the last loss will be you. The light engine is not good, it is difficult to start, and the piston ring will be stuck seriously, causing serious engine wear. By then, the loss may be tens of thousands.

    Oil filter replacement

    In a professional car repair station, the car is first driven into the maintenance parking space, and the car is raised to a height of 160-170 cm with a lift. Use a special oil filter wrench to turn the oil filter counterclockwise. Then remove the new oil filter from the box and check the threads and rubber seals on the new filter, clean the mount on the cylinder block and apply a small amount of oil to the rubber seal of the filter.

    Install the oil filter by hand, fix it, and then tighten the oil filter clockwise with a special tool. After installation, fill the engine with oil to the specified level, run the engine for at least 3 minutes, and then check for oil leaks.